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The Belleni Museum

The Belleni Museum was built in the period 1925 – 1927. It’s a stone , two-storey and three-storey building turrets and overlooks the promenade of Leros, Alinda. Surrounded by beautiful and large garden, making it visible from a great distance. In front of the garden at both ends there are ground floor buildings of the same style.

It contains:
Α) The Historical Museum, whose collections deal with the island’s history such as maps, photographs, portraits and printed material.
B) The Folklore Museum, which contains objects that are connected to the life and folk tradition of Leros such as handicrafts, utensilis, furniture, costumes, musical instruments and wood carvings.
C) The Print Museum, featuring old press machinery and printed material echoing the progress made in the domain of Printing and the Greek Press from the 15th through to the 19th century.
D) The Public Gallery, where the paintings of the artists of Leros are on exhibit.
E) The Public Library, is housed in the neoclassical building of the Municipal Megaron, a building subject to preservation, which located in the main square of Platanos. It is a lending library and also has many rare manuscripts, codices and books as well as a historical archive.

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