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Information about Leros Island

Leros is the ninth of twelve islands in the Prefecture of the Dodecanese. Leros is an island of 8,500 habitants on the south-eastern side of Aegean Sea. It is known as the island of Artemis, with its untouched natural beauty and infinite harmony. It covers an area of 53 square kilometers with 71 kilometers of total coastal length. In our home page we will travel you to our beautiful island, sightseeing, culture, history, and businesses. In our pages you can discover the island of Leros through images and through useful information about the island.
Leros is a destination that has not suffered from the consequences of mass tourism yet. It is situated near Patmos, while to the south is separated by a relatively narrow sea passage to Kalymnos. Characteristic features of the island are the small hills and the countless creeks. The biggest one is called Lakki, which was the safest harbor in the Italian occupation period. Other major bays are Alinda, Vromolithos, Partheni, Blefouti and Panteli. Leros took its name from the ancient word "leros", which means flat-smooth. It is considered to be a rocky island with small, flat areas scattered among the high grounds. The island’s coastal areas present intense sculpturing and secure bays are formed throughout. Leros is a paradise endowed with vast green areas and beautiful beaches.

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