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Gourna - Drymonas

On the west side of the island, the open Bay of Gourna appears. The beauty of the landscape is supplemented by attractive country homes, gardens, orchards and plantations of citrus trees. The area is still unexploited touristically but is a good place for those who are seeking tranquility in order to enjoy carefree and peaceful summer moments fishing and swimming. To the west of Gourna, you can find the settlement Drimonas. The main access is from the northern branch of the main road network. Drimonas is a small fishing village on the south side of Gourna. The small village has a nice tavern and a small beach with pine trees. At the end of the bay there is the small church of Agios Georgios. Drimonas is a nice place without much traffic and you can enjoy the sea by fishing and eating nice food.

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