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Thematic Tourism

Trekking Tourism
The whole of Leros is a small kingdom for travelling and wandering. Many routes are signposted and are an invitation for a rambler.
Towards the Castle of Panagia    
From Lakki to Xirokampos
Leaving Lakki
From Lakki to Patella
From Lakki to Partheni

Congress Tourism
Leros is gradually being established as an attractive conferences destination for mostly smaller scaled conferences and seminars. Its natural beauty, cultural heritage and exceptionally friendly local people and its traditional hospitality and the high level of service renders the island as a magical conference destination. There is a 300 seat conference centre on the island near the ideal location of Krithoni as well as the 150 seat capacity conference centre of the Holy Metropolis located at the Alinta which has a spectacular view onto the blue water of the Aegean Sea. Both centers have all the necessary facilities to accommodate the successful organization of the seminars and conferences. The cinema/theatre at Lakki is under construction and is scheduled to be ready in 2006 and will certainly be the perfect conference centre. Regular air and marine service to the island guarantees the timely transfer of the conference attendees. The small distances between the surrounding islands of Leipsous, Arkious, Agathonisi and Kalymnos, enables visitors to enjoy the beauty both Leros and the neighbouring islands.

Hunting tourism
Your love of nature and its flora and fauna combined with your desire for relaxing holidays will certainly lead you to Leros. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature by patiently observing rare birds in their natural environment. Further, if you enjoy hunting, you will come across wonderful hunting grounds with low vegetation, bushes and olive groves. Trained, hunting dogs and local hunters will lead you to great hunting grounds from one end of the island to the other. Leisurely walks, moments of silent observation and discovery combined with dozens other simple interests that the island has to offer will certainly make your decision to visit Leros for a relaxing holiday experience.

Diving Tourism
In recent years, there has been an increase in theme diving activity. Leros has the opportunity to develop the island as a diving holiday destination. It has a very large area with great ecological value and an ideal underwater ecosystem that ‘harbours’ a great number of World War II shipping wrecks. The Underwater Archeological Services have released the following two underwater areas of Leros from its protection and underwater activity is now allowed. The cape of Soumari until the cape of Mavros Kavos The area under the Bay of Xerokampos to the Bay of Diapori. The Municipality has asked the release of 7 World War II ship wreks and to permit them to be assessable to divers. Thus, equip yourselves with scuba gear and take a trip the he depths of the sea surrounding Leros. It is certain the simple beauty will sweep you away. Please note that scuba diving is allowed in Leros only in designated underwater areas.

Sea Tourism
During your stay in Leros, seeking for suggestions for tours and exciting activities, why not trying water sports in collaboration with some of the centers that organize.

Cultural Tourism
The Leros DEPOAP is based at Kamara and organizes all the municipality’s cultural and social events both on and outside Leros every year. It has two Friends Associations, creative and musical laboratories and philharmonic orchestra.

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